15 Awesome Dollar Tree Halloween Finds You’ll Love!

Looking for affordable and fun ways to decorate your home, without hurting your budget? Here are some awesome Dollar Tree Halloween finds that will get you in the Halloween Spirit! Easy and fun ways to decorate your home, to fun items for kids and adults to enjoy. Best of all, every item just cost $1 in the list below. You can really buy a handful of items for the price of one item from a different store. Give your home a Halloween makeover today.I love the idea of decorating for the holidays, and I love adding new elements to my decorating. All the decorating for each holiday can add up, so when I shop at the Dollar Tree I don’t have to feel guilty about walking out! All of the decorations below are affordable and you can’t go wrong with a buck.

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Affordable Dollar Tree Halloween Finds To Decorate With

1.) Come In My Pretties Sign

This sign is so fun and could be hung from your front door, placed right outside your door on a hay bale or even sat on a table in your entryway. This reminds me so much of the movie Hocus Pocus!

2.) Hanging Spooky Ghosts

If you are the type that enjoys a little spook with Halloween, then these ghosts are great. Hang from a tree outside or in a corner of your home. Either way, they are sure to give a little fright to the faint at heart.

3.) Brain Mold

Create a gelatin that everyone will take a second glance at, with this gelatin brain mold. You could add in some colored red gell where the outline is and then create a white gelatin, to offset to make it look bloody. This is a really good one for anyone hosting parties.

4.) Ice Cube Fangs

Whip up a punch or even water, and created colored ice cubes in the shape of vampire fangs. This will really give your drinks that Halloween vibe in a fun and spooky way.

5.) Spider Web Baskets

These baskets would be great for storing candy, chips, or other goodies inside. I think I would buy a few and do one for handing candy out to trick or treaters, and then keep a few other ones for storing chips for a Halloween Party.

6.) Spooky Eyeballs

Put these eyeballs in a candy bowl and watch people as they grab an eye instead of that candy bar they are hunting for. These would also be fun to use to make slime or decorate around the home with.

7.) Witch’s Banner

Banners are great for adding color and the spirit of the holiday into the room. Witch’s brooms and legs is what is on this banner and would look fun hanging from a fireplace or even on a wall or entryway.

8.) Ring Spiders

These spider rings are unique! Place them on your table to add a pop of color and spook to your table or even use them when you go to make slime or toss in your candy bowl to pass out to kids.

9.) Jack-O-Lantern Jars

Add in a tea light candle or even flameless candle tealight and you have a really neat decor piece. Buy a handful of these and line the steps of your home or place on your mantle or entryway table. A really simple but timeless Halloween decoration piece.

10.) Cupcake Liners

Dollar Tree has a lot of fun bold and wacky Halloween cupcake liner items. You could make some spooky cupcakes for a party and be a really affordable dessert to serve. Check out my ghost cupcakes that would work well with fun printed liners.

11.) Hanging Decorations

Make sure to check out all the awesome hanging decorations they have. These are fun ghosts that hang from your trees for that eery effect you might want for your home.

12.) Hanging Signs

Here are even more hanging signs that work for your front door, decorating outdoors, or even indoor decor. I have done a display in the past with pumpkins out from and sat a sign like the boo by it for added design.

13.) Glitter Pumpkins

These pumpkins can be used anywhere in the home. Dress up your table, toss a bunch in a glass jar for a display piece and more. I love the sparkle element of these.

14.) Bat Headband

You can find a ton of items like Halloween headbands and other accessories. These would be fun to complete a costume or fun for your child to wear to a party.

15.) Pumpkin Jars

These distressed pumpkins are really nice to have and can easily be transferred to your Thanksgiving decorations. If you prefer to skip the spooky elements of Halloween you can find many items that are more simple based like pumpkins to decorate with.

16.) Create Your Own 

Have a fun time coloring your own skull or other print wooden pictures. A great way to let kids use their imagination and enjoy while on the go or at home. 

17.) Ceramic Paint Set 

Here you can sit down and let kids paint these fun little ceramic items. These are fun to make and decorate with, give to loved ones as a gift and more. 

18.) Stencil Wheel 

For anyone who enjoys crafting you might really love this stencil wheel. Fun Halloween prints that you can color, trace and more. A fun way to create Halloween designs. 

19.) Clips 

These bat clips would be fun to use to clip on bowls for your holiday parties, hang around home, or even use for outdoor decor. 

20.) Adhesive Diamond Wrap 

This wrap is blingy and fun, and great for decorating, party favors and more. A great way to add a little sparkle to your Halloween game this year. 

21.) Pinata Kit 

Here is a super fun personal size pinata that your child or you can have fun making. Hang as a decoration or fill with candy and have fun breaking for a fun treat. 

22.) Stickers

These stickers are so fun, and an easy way to let kids decorate, play or dress up your home. Let them stick on faux pumpkins for a fun way to decorate that is no-carve and more. 

23.) Halloween Ornaments 

If you decorate for Halloween here are some fun bright and colorful ornaments to hang. These are a great buy and can be used for years to come. 

24.) Paint Set 

Here is another fun paint set you could consider getting. These would be great for chilly rainy days where you want an activity to do indoors. 

25.) Mesh Tubes 

Great for decorating wreaths, floral arrangements and more. This is a great buy that is so cheap it is worth buying a few of to use. 

26.) Mini Glitter Pumpkins 

These are a fun one to have. They add that touch of color to any room, are cheap, and fun. Kids and adults will enjoy the bright colored pumpkins. 

27.) Witch Hat Picks

Check out these fun hat picks. Stick into flower arrangements, stick on cupcakes, appetizers and more. These picks could be used for pretty much anything! 

28.) Decorative Mesh 

This mesh is a fun one to have. Use for decorating and making a Halloween wreath, hanging decorations for a Halloween bash and more. 

29.) Cards 

You will find super cute cards for a really nice low everyday price. Here is a great selection for you to choose from. Fun to send to family members, kids, grandkids and more. 

30.) Skeleton Garland 

Grab some Halloween Skeleton garland to hang in the home or outdoors for your Halloween decor. This is fun, affordable and worth buying a handful to use in the home or office. 

As you can see you can find tons of great items at the Dollar Tree. I always recommend heading out there to shop first for holiday decorations! Affordable, fun, and unique is what you will find.

What is your favorite part of Halloween?

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