50 Hilarious Cat Posts That You Need To See Right Meow (New Pics)

If there’s one thing that’s bound to lift your mood, it’s hilarious pictures of animals. And not just any animals—cats! Our feline overlords have declared that Bored Panda must release a new list about the funniest, most wholesome, and cutest cat posts. So as you scroll down, praise the cats and pet them with upvotes. Remember to share pics of your own cats in the comment section, dear Pandas.

We’ve featured cat posts a loooot over the years, so when you’re done enjoying our newest list, check out our other meowtastic articles here, here, and here.

Cats can be incredibly independent creatures and find it hard to stay still while their pictures are being taken. Cat behaviorist Ingrid Johnson explained to Bored Panda that taking photos of cats is best done in their environment. "Taking cats out of their home for a photo shoot is often where things go awry. Use natural light and play with them to encourage them to look confident and alert," she explained about how to get the best possible snaps of felines. Read on for the rest of our interview with Ingrid.

#1 Took A Pic Of The Cat Lookin Out The Window And Accidentally Turned Him Into Some Sort Of God

Image credits: cloudcat28

#2 Mother And Her Baby

Image credits: Luciphyr729

#3 Cat Against Thief

Image credits: reddit.com

"Also use toys to get them to look in the direction you want! You can shake treats, click, make some sort of sound to get them to look at the camera. As far as keeping them calm, again, it's about working with what they are naturally giving you rather than trying to force something," cat behaviorist Ingrid gave us advice about how to work with cats when taking their pictures.

According to the expert, the extent to which cats crave attention from human beings is highly variable and depends on a lot of things.

"The answer is highly variable based on the cat, how well socialized to people they are, their experiences and bond with their human(s), etc. For some cats, they cannot get enough, for others, they approach and engage on their terms. Most cats prefer to control the interactions. Playing 'hard to get' is going to welcome the cat to approach you for affection. Cats have little interest in the human that wants to pick them up and smoother them with affection."

#4 This Cat Fits Perfectly In This Statues Lap

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 Pumpkin Hates Windy Beach

Image credits: Pumpkin the Cat

#6 Jeans Cat

Image credits: tortoiseshell_9

Ingrid also explained that we have to have realistic expectations and love to learn cats for the individuals that they are, not the 'perfect' pets that we'd want them to be. You can read more about that right here.

How much attention a cat needs depends on the breed, as well as on each individual. However, you should still be prepared to give your catto at least 20 minutes of one-on-one worship time each day.

If your cat feels left out and unloved, you can be sure that it’ll let you know. It’s pretty straightforward: if your cat keeps meowing at you, getting in your way while you work from home, jumping in your lap, knocking things over, and irritating you, guess what—it wants your attention!

#7 Profile Picture
#8 The Wise One

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 When I Took One Of My Cats To Visit The Dogs

Image credits: ZloyKpoJluk

So meow back. Play with it. Pet it. Set up an impromptu photoshoot for it and snap a few pictures to share with your friends. Remind yourself that your cat’s a living being that craves attention from its owner.

Left unchecked and ignored, cats could resort to causing more chaos. Some felines do this by clawing furniture if pawing at your arms or legs isn’t enough.

However, rewarding cats for negative behavior is counter-productive, too. So shower your pet with love when it’s acting like a polite furball, not a petulant teenager. Hopefully, that will help you and your cat live a happy life full of mutual adoration.

#10 Oh Lawd, He Comin'

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 Meggie Knows How To Communicate Despite Being Deaf And Blind

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 Macavity The Mystery Cat

Image credits: DickKingSmith

#13 Like Father Like Son

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 Coffee Table: Expectation vs. Reality

Image credits: neko_no_bonbon

#15 I'm Waiting To Bloom

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 This Is Our Cat Charlotte. She Is Not Familiar With Boundaries, And Has Exactly Zero Shame

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 Didn't Plan The Photo This Way, Gizmo Was Just A Heavenly Cat...

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 Is It Too Much Cuddle?

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 Face Exchange

Image credits: fujifujizombi

#20 Meowteor
#21 Aw Lawd She's On The Watermalone

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 Curiosity Inconvenienced The Cat

Image credits: X60Ko45

#23 A Friend Of Mine Has Bathroom Art For Their Cat

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 Onlyfans Cat

Image credits: ok_girlfriend

#25 A Mystery Solved In Three Photos...

Image credits: MayMyEnemiesLiveLong

#26 Mosque Security On Patrol

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 What Have You Done Human?

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 Every Single Day I Have To Gaze Upon This Eldritch Horror.

Image credits: achebit

#29 My Cats Keep Pushing Each Other In My Trash Can

Image credits: UH-OH-STINKYYYY

#30 My Cats Don't Like That I Go To Work So Early In The Morning Now (Healthcare) So They Apparently Staged An Intervention

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 If It Fits, I Sits

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 Jesus Cat
#33 He Has His Own Figure, I'm Crying

Image credits: Erickajamon

#34 Be Very Afraid!
#35 They Got School Tomorrow

Image credits: dumbricardo

#36 After Having A Tooth Out Today My Cat Decided To Use Her Fish Dinner As False Teeth

Image credits: reddit.com

#37 And It Was Going So Well...

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 Precious
#39 You Press The Beans, You Get The Means

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 It Was The Worst Day Of His Life
#41 Me_irl

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 Copycat

Image credits: supacasupercar

#43 Magic
#44 Its Not My Fault
#45 When You Think The Villain Is Dead At The End Of The Movie
#46 Cat Gets Mad When Mom Won't Let Him Outside

Image credits: passiveagressivepets

#47 Cats Trying To See Over The Bush Outside..

Image credits: jamanda_r

#48 Nooo Hooman!! You Forgot My Dinner!
#49 Cat Thief Caught Red-Handed For Stealing Eggs
#50 It's A Cat, Well What Did You Think It Was?!

Image credits: madman434

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