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Hi!  How are we doing?  It’s week 3 of adjusting to this new normal of staying home and I feel like we’re just now starting to get the hang of things around here.  It’s been a bit of a roller coaster with good days and of course some not-so-good days, but what I’ve noticed is that the days I get a workout in always seem to be the better days.  Pre-quarantine, I rotated through a combination of Orangetheory, Session Pilates, and We Yogis vinyasa yoga classes that helped get my body moving as well as de-stress from everything else going on in my life.  Now that those in-studio classes are no longer available, I’ve found a few new ways to stay fit through what I think are the best online home workouts.

For me, getting a workout in is so important to staying sane and getting my mind off what can be an anxious time.  So I’m using this opportunity to try out new programs.  Plus it’s been a good reason to change up my routine to see some more progress as well!  I’m rounding up my favorite apps and workout programs that I’ve been using below; as well as a few others that I’ve been eyeing in case you’re looking for new at-home workout routines to try too!

Top: Aerie Seamless Bralette (S / TTS) – (similar, similar)
Bottom: Aerie Real Me Bike Shorts (XS / TTS) – (similar, similar, similar leggings)
Shoes: Nike Epic React Flyknit – on sale!
Hat: bought at Disney (similar, similar)

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For me, cardio is the hardest part of my fitness routine to get in. Especially now that I’m no longer in the gym or in a class.  It can be hard to motivate myself to do my cardio workouts. And, even in those times that I do get it in, I know I’m not pushing nearly as hard as I would be if I were in a class setting.  To help remedy that, I started with finding apps that offered live, real-time cardio workouts.  I block off the time in my calendar just as I did previously when I attended class in-person.  And have found that this helped tremendously. Giving me the push I needed to get my cardio in and work harder.  Mostly because I knew that I had an instructor coaching me with others.

As a FYI, I do own a Nordic Track X22i Incline treadmill and it has been how I do the majority of my cardio workouts but all programs below can be used without any equipment!

Charge Running
Price: free to download | 7-day trial | 1-month is $14.99, 1-year is $120.99
If you follow my Instagram stories, you know that this is the app that I’ve been using most consistently for my running.  I’ve been loving the different running workouts that give me the variety I need so I don’t get bored on the treadmill.  You actually get that class feel as the instructor will give out encouraging messages by name.  There’s a chat option where you can share sweaty selfies and it’s been great motivation for me to see a few “regulars” too whenever I check into a virtual run!

Price: free to download | 90-day trial | single user membership is $12.99/mo, multi-user membership is $39/mo
I have not personally used the Peloton app, but I do love that they extended their typical 30-day trial period to now cover 90 days, as their way of providing a way to stay fit and healthy during this pandemic time.  I’ve heard so many positive reviews about Peloton so this is definitely on my list to try.  And while Peleton is known for their biking, they do have a treadmill option as well and offer live-stream classes that include strength, yoga, and walking in their app.

Nike+ Run Club
Price: free, no membership required
This is my favorite app when I’m running on my own and want to be able to zone out with minimal cues from a trainer.  I love how seamlessly the guided runs integrate into Spotify as well.  Making it so I can keep listening to my tunes with audio voiceover that isn’t hard to hear and/or playing over my music.  This app provides works great for both indoor treadmill and outside running workouts, but no live training options are available.

Obe Fitness
Price: first month free | $27/month, $199/year
I only recently heard of this app and have yet to try it for myself, but this app offers 100+ live classes per week as well as 4000+ on-demand classes.  If you prefer cardio options such as dance and boxing, this app provides great options!


Top: Forever 21 (old, similar, also love this one)
Bottom: Lululemon Invigorate Tight 25″ (2 / TTS) – (similar)
Shoes: Adidas QT Racer (6 / size up 1/2) – on sale!

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While cardio is great for weight loss, weight training is essential for shaping your body.  I get such a huge high from lifting weights personally, and it feels good to be strong!

Les Mills Body Pump
Price: 30-day free trial — code skiingeducation49 (affiliate) | $14.99/month
I had a Gold’s Gym membership way back in my college days and got in the best shape of my life thanks to their Les Mills Body Pump classes.  The Les Mills app provides a variety of different on-demand classes such as Body Pump (weights – my fave), Body Attack (HIIT), Body Combat (kickboxing), and Body Flow / Body Balance (yoga).  I exclusively do the Body Pump classes since I love them so much and while equipment is used in the class (I purchased this set), I recommend even just trying it first with body weight and light dumbbells as I’m sure you’ll still feel the burn!  The style is high-rep / low weight, so perfect if you’re wanting tone and not a lot of bulk!

Alexia Clark
Price: 7-day trial | $29.99/month (25% off promo currently – code 25OFF)
I found Alexia Clark on Instagram and holy cow, this girl is shredded.  I purchased her program last year and loved doing her program back then when I wanted at-home workout options that worked up a great sweat.  Her workouts are always changing. So it’s great if you’re getting bored with the same moves, plus she mixes in a lot of compound movements so you get to target multiple muscle groups.  There’s even a nutrition plan provided and it’s a great source of inspiration especially when it comes to snacks!

Price: $7-$12/month
This is another new-to-me app that I have downloaded on my phone but haven’t used yet.  Freeletics workouts are known to be tough and highly effective, ranging anywhere from 15-45 minutes.  They include a mix of running, strength training, and overall cardio fitness.  The workouts actually adapt to you which I love and a nutrition plan is even offered that provides custom meals for your goals!


Top: Lululemon Free To Be Serene Bra (6 but should’ve gotten 4 / TTS) – (similar, similar)
Bottom: Lululemon Speed Up Tight 28″ (4 but needed 2 / TTS) – (shorter 23″ option, similar)

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Top: Target Tie-Dye Strappy Long Line Bra (S / TTS) – (similar, similar tank option)
Bottom: Target Tie-Dye Leggings (XS / TTS) – (similar, similar)

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Yoga is a moving meditation for me and something that I got into nearly 10 years ago.  The stress relief is amazing and I find that it really helps with my eating habits as well as I am more aware of my body’s signals.

Down Dog Yoga
Price: 3 free classes | drop-in for $25
I started using this app 3 weeks ago since my yoga studio closed and IT. IS. AMAZING.  The app is highly customizable when it comes to the kind of yoga practice you’re looking for.  You can set the time, the amount of cueing, and even the duration time in savasana!  You specify your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), the sequence type (full practice, restorative, quick flow, etc), and can even “boost” certain areas that you’d like to focus on (abs, hamstrings, tight hips, etc).  The sequencing is amazing and no two yoga sessions are the same.  I HIGHLY recommend this app regardless if you’ve never tried yoga before or if you’re a seasoned yogi like me!

Price: 2-week trial | $18/month
This app offers yoga, pilates, and meditation. But the main reason I love it is that you can take yoga flows from some of the most well-known instructors out there.  My favorites include Kathryn Budig and Tiffany Cruikshank.


There are also lots of studios offering free workouts on their website, IG Live and IGTV right now to help us through this crazy time when we’re all looking for a way to stay healthy.  My personal fave there is @rrayyme, who provides live workouts daily @ 9am PST (also be sure to check out her Japanese recipes!).



What do you think are the best online home workouts?  Let me know in a comment below! 

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