Find out how to host a virtual playdate and print off a checklist of playdate ideas!

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With social distancing fully in place all over the world at this point, many of us are getting stir crazy — kids included. 

This will be hard on us all in many different ways, but our children in particular will suffer from a lack of social connection outside the time. 

Fortunately, there are so many ideas to keep your kids from feeling too sad or isolated during these difficult times, including virtual playdates!
What Is a Virtual Playdate?
A virtual playdate is a video call between little friends. They can feel like they’re in the same room while maintaining a safe physical distance.

How to hold a virtual playdate:
Talk to the parents of your kids’ friends to set up a time. Set up your phone or tablet on a stand, or put your computer somewhere your kid can play in front of.  Pick an activity — or even a couple — and make sure the other parents have the same activities planned.  Gather up everything your kid(s) will need for the playdate activities, and set them up in front of the device.  At the designated time, use FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, or another video calling service to make the connection.  Don’t forget to take screenshots or pictures to remember these sweet little moments!
Read on for a list of activities, project ideas, and a printable checklist you can work your way through. 

What Are Some Good Virtual Playdate Ideas?
There’s so much that kids can do without being in the same room together. They have the most incredible little imaginations, and they just need our help setting up the systems to let them activate those brains!
Play charades I spy (on the other person’s screen) Play Headbanz or Guess Who Do a magic show Write a story together

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Play dress up Sing songs from moviees Show and tell with favorite toys Hold a fashion show

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Do the same craft together Crazy hat content Play Battleship (using printed game boards) Read to each other

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Just play together Draw each other’s portraits Play musical instruments Put on a play or concert Build block or LEGO cities
Virtual Playdate Ideas: Crafts to Make “Together”
Virtual Playdate Ideas: Crafts to Make "Together" Easy Wooden DIY Place Card Holders
Kids can paint a set of colorful photo holders to display photos of the friends they're missing.
Continue Reading Butterfly Sensory Activity 
One butterfly sensory bin on each side of the phone could be a great conversation starter. Depending on kids' ages, it could just be a play-based activity. But older kids can discuss different prompts for an even more educational component.
Continue Reading Free Printable Magnetic Poetry
Download this free printable magnetic poetry on magnetic paper. Cut it out, and let the kids go wild. It can double as a reading and vocabulary-building activity.
Continue Reading The Free Trick for How to Turn a Photo into Paint by Numbers
Use my free trick to turn photos into paint-by-numbers art. Paint some masterpieces together, and hang them up.
Continue Reading No-Sew DIY Magic Sequin Pillow
Kids can eperiment with different colors and shapes and then show off their finished projects. They'll have a blast using them for future calls, too!
Continue Reading DIY Rhinestone Pouches
Download these cute patterns, or make up your own. This would work great with rhinestones or any kind of flat beads.
Continue Reading Polymer Clay DIY Rainbow Ornaments
Polymer clay is a ton of fun because it won't dry out in the air. Kids can play with it for ages, and then when they have a sculpture they love, a quick trip in the oven will make it permanent. They could make little door hangers, necklaces -- anything!
Continue Reading Halfway Homemade Chocolate-Dipped Monster Rice Krispie Treats
Use all sorts of different sprinkles and color to let kids make different monsters. The best part? Eating them together!
Continue Reading Conversation Hearts Bath Salts Recipe
Mix up a big batch of bath salts with different colors, scents, and sprinkles.
Continue Reading Painted Bird Houses
Grab a bunch of mini bird houses or even just a regular-sized one. Let kids paint them to their hearts' content. For extra fun -- and busy time -- add beads and other embellishments as long as they're only going to be decorative.
Continue Reading How to Make DIY Gemstone Glitter Sidewalk Chalk
Did you even know you could make your own sidewalk chalk? I'll bet your kids didn't! This can be done in all sorts of fun shapes and any colors.
Continue Reading How to Paint Rocks
Both buddies can go take a walk to gather stones. And then when they get home, they can hop on a video call and talk about what they're going to paint on their rocks -- and then go for it!
Continue Reading DIY Peg Doll Animals
This activity could span a handful of different virtual playdates. Kids can paint different characters, such as family members, pets, movie characters, or just plain old animals.
Continue Reading DIY Beach Fairy Garden Tutorial
Don't feel limited to a beach theme. Let kids plan their fairy gardens. Draw them first. And then they can create their little wonderlands!
Continue Reading Image Transfer Photo Clips
This photo or image transfer technique works well on any unfinished wood surfaces. It works with photos or even printouts of coloring book pages.
Continue Reading DIY Confetti Canvas Art
Make a mini art gallery wall. Add to it over time with different little tiny paintings, collages, or drawings.
Continue Reading Accordion Book
Make a little mini album that kids can add to. Don't just stick pictures in there. Go crazy with stickers, a penny you found on a walk, ticket stubs, etc. You can make this a running project that gets longer each time you add something to it.
Continue Reading Tiny Soap Gems
Hand-washing is so, so important, but kids are in such a hurry that it's hard to get them to slow down long enough to wash away the germs. These itty bitty soaps are fun enough to get them to hold still. You could even make it a contest -- who can wash away their whole soap first each day?
Continue Reading Stained Glass Mosaic Trivet
For older kids, mosaic is a great project with enough different phases to keep them busy. Start by planning and sketching a design. Then comes the actual mosaic and grouting!
Continue Reading Neon Mosaic Tile Trivet
Here's another fun mosaic project. This one has a twist: Instead of colorful tile bits, use colorful grout. See if you can come up with an ombre or rainbow design!
Continue Reading  Free Printable: Virtual Playdate Ideas

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