Fun Green Ideas For Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming soon and it is time for fun green ideas for all ages. Both adults and children can have fun celebrating this Irish Holiday without having to enter one single pub. There are many great things that a person can do to get in the spirit of the day.
St. Patrick Lime Shamrock Punch (Mocktail)
Going green for Saint Patrick’s day means going all out! Green is the colour that is directly related to St. Patrick’s Day and it is fun to use it. Follow these fun green ideas! First, start with decorations. Second, hang up green streamers and hand made green shamrocks. Third, use the leftover paper from the shamrocks to make confetti.
Green Decorations Ideas
A green tablecloth would be a perfect accent to any decorated room. If you do not own one, dye an old white sheet, or use washable paints to temporarily decorate it. You may want to make a centrepiece out of leafy green flowers or a simple bucket to symbolize the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
White Bull Terrier wearing a green hat Wear Green
Another fund green idea is to take the expression “going green” literally. Everybody knows that if you do not wear green today, you are going to get pinched. Be the original one at the party and use green body paint to cover yourself from head to toe. (Make sure the paint is washable.)
Thin Mint Gooey Brownies Recipe Green Food Ideas
Keep with the green theme ideas by serving foods that are green. A little drop of food colouring will turn drab plain coloured foods into Saint Patrick’s Day teats without changing their overall flavour. You may even want to serve green Kool-Aid, vegetables with dip, or other fun finger foods.
Being Green
A very popular green idea right now is recycling and being more Earth friendly and conscious. Keep your materials separated. Think about the three important R’s: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle. It doesn’t have to be Earth day for you to take care of the planet.
Edible St. Patrick’s Day Jello Playdough Green Activities for Kids
For children, provide fun green St. Patrick’s Day activities and crafts. Learn songs and poems or read books together. Do research and study fun facts together about Saint Patrick’s Day. Create or print out your own St.Patrick’s colouring pages. Let your children make homemade greeting cards for the important people in their lives. Have a fun treasure hunt that will lead each child involved to its own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Use your imagination and ask your family members for help. The important thing is that you are celebrating another holiday together. It is possible that you are starting a tradition and you are making memories that will last forever.

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