Halloween is a lot of fun, whether you’re a kid looking to score candy or an adult trying to make the most awesome decoration

s. Speaking of decorations, we absolutely love this part and we enjoy coming up with new and exciting ideas each year and sharing them with you. Today we’re focusing on Halloween door decorations and all the cool ways in which you can spookify not just your front door but the space around it too.

A plain white door is the perfect canvas if you want to create this awesome jack Skellington-inspired decor. All you need is black decals for the mouth, eyes and nose. You can also use black cardstock and black tape. You can find details on twindragonflydesigns.

If black and white isn’t really your style and you’d prefer a more colorful approach, check out this eye-catching bat wreath. The bats are pink and glittery which is not exactly accurately but the fact that this is such an unusual color palette makes the wreath spooky in a different and more vibrant way.

Worried nobody will see your awesome front door decor once it gets dark outside? You can remedy that if you use glow-in-the-dark ornaments or if you have some sconces or accent lighting you can use to put the spotlight on the front door. Check out flickr for more inspiring options.

Tombstones have a creepy aura and they’re pretty easy to make. Just to be clear, we’re talking about Halloween decorations. A chalkboard tombstone is a pretty cool idea because you can customize it however you want and white or draw anything you want on it. You could display on or next to your front door.

Spider webs can also give someone the creeps and we absolutely love how easy it is to make them. If you want to decorate the front door, for example, all you need is some black washi tape (or white, that works too). Check out hometalk to see how it would end up looking like. It would be nice to add a few spiders too, just to make the design more realistic.

Isn’t this pumpkin topiary just awesome? It’s a perfect decoration for the front door or for the porch in general. To make one just like it you’ll need the following: a few pumpkin jack-o-lanterns, a wood dowel, a pot, some spray paint, primer, extension cord and flowers. You could use an existing planter if you want to. You can check out tatertotsandjello to find out more details about the project.

You can make your front door look Halloween-ready without being too spooky. We really like what designimprovised suggests in this sense: a BOO welcome mat, simple pumpkins and an awesome wreath which you can customize in a lot of beautiful and fun ways.

A black and white Halloween porch could look super cool too. You could spray paint a few pumpkins or decorate them with bows, decals and other things and you could put up chalkboard signs. This porch setup featured on craftcritters looks welcoming thanks to the hay bale, wooden crate and the overall rustic backdrop so that can be a source of inspiration too.

A lot of the ideas on our list are fun and cute but if you want something with a more scary or gloomy aura you should focus on projects like this raven wreath featured on theredpaintedcottage. To make it you’ll need a grapevine wreath, a bunch of black feathers or leaves and two (or more) crow ornaments.

A glass door offers a lot of freedom when decorating because you can display things on the inside and hide imperfections behind the door frame. For example, you can use the idea offered on simplemadepretty. You only need a few pieces of cardboard and a marker pen or some paint and a stencil plus tape.

A skull wreath can also look spooky. You can display it on the front door to create a gloomy ambiance right from the entrance. You can find a tutorial describing how to make the wreath on triedandtrueblog. The supplies needed include styrofoam mini skulls, sturdy wire, a hot glue gun and ribbon.

Witches can be pretty scary too. However, they can be difficult to craft and you might want to simplify things a bit. For example, you could only keep the broom and forget about the witch altogether. Check out mayarts for more wicked ideas.

I don’t know about you but I love googly eyes and I like to put them on everything so, naturally, I find this craftaholicsanonymous project to be awesome. The idea is to decorate the front door with a bunch of googly eyes to make it look like a spooky but also playful monster.

We also found a cool Halloween door decorating idea on idlewife. We really like how simple the decor is: just a bunch of bird silhouettes scattered across the door and the walls. You can do something similar with bar silhouettes which are easier to cut out.

Since most doors are rectangular, if you want to turn your into a giant spider it will look a bit awkward but you can use that in your favor to create a silly and playful decor. If your front door is not black, that’s ok too. You can temporarily cover it up with some black fabric or paper. Add large googly eyes, a mouth and legs (these would have to extend to the sides, on the walls). Check out the full tutorial on darice.

We’re back to witches and we’d like to show a project which was featured on holidaysnobs. We’re not sure where the rest of this poor witch went but we’re happy that the legs are so easy to craft. You can also add a sign to mark the spot. It can say “ding dong the wicked witch is dead” or something similar. If you don’t have ruby slippers that’s ok. Maybe you can give an old pair of shoes a quick makeover.

This skull wreath is similar to another one we mentioned earlier but this time it’s not all black. The design is more colorful and also includes some copper and purple accents which go really well with each other and with the black as well. The sheer ribbon is a nice detail. Also, these skulls have glowing eyes which make the whole wreath look ten timed spookier. Check out the tutorial for it on triedandtrueblog.

Eyes can often look beautiful and charming but we can’t really say the same thing about eyeballs. These are spooky even when they’re made of plastic. This entire wreath is made up of eyeballs and it sure looks rather creepy. It also has a colorful look which helps it look a bit more cheerful. If you want to make your own eyeball wreath, check out the details on crayonsandcravings and also consider adding your own twist to the design.

Garlands are also nice for decorating the front door and various other spaces in and around the house. This vampire teeth garland is quite easy to make and looks especially good if you have a black or dark-colored front door. You can also hang a few in front of the windows, as shown on thehousethatlarsbuilt. To make these garlands you need a template for the teeth, a bunch of white cardstock, white string and some tape or some glue.

Another and fun idea is to turn the front door into a mummy. It can be easily done using white streamer which you can wrap around the door and secure with tape. The eyes are also important and it would be great if you could find a pair of extra large craft eyes. If not you can make some yourself out of cardboard and paper or you can improvise and come up with an original design. In any case, check out whiskingmama for more details about this mummy door.

Spiders are always spooky and scary, even when they’re small. They make excellent Halloween decorations and they can be used in all sorts of interesting ways, either in combination with other decorations and items or by themselves. It would definitely look really cool if you were to decorate your front door with a bunch of plastic spiders and make it look like they’re invading the house. A nice idea is to stick some magnets to them if you have a metal front door so you can easily rearrange or remove them. If not, you could also decorate your fridge with them. Additional details can be found on deliacreates.

On the topic of spiders, something else to consider is swapping your usual entryway accessories with some that are Halloween themed, like a spiderweb doormat for example. You don’t need to go out and try to find out in a store because you can just craft it yourself. Take a semi-circle simple doormat and give it a makeover using fabric paint. It’s quick and easy and if you need more details you can find them on deliacreates.

Witches are also a fairly common symbol used on Halloween. On that topic, you could make a witch-themed wreath, maybe like the one featured on redefinedmom. It’s quite fun and colorful and to make it you need a few things like a wire wreath frame, some black and purple tulle, a little witch-s hat, socks, scrap paper and ribbon.

Not all the decorations have to be based around common Halloween symbols and spooky elements. You can also go with a dark theme and create something less obvious but still in tone with the rest of the décor. We’re talking about a monogram decoration similar to the one featured on thistlewoodfarms. This one is actually made from an old frame with some chevron scrapbook paper and a letter at the center. Find out more about it on thistlewoodfarms.

Since you’re decorating your front door, you could also give the whole entryway porch a spooky makeover while you’re at it. It doesn’t need to be a complicated or long project. The front door should remain the focal point and you can decorate it with hanging garlands, a wreath or several and some spiderweb. The web can then extends along the walls and take over the entire porch. Add a few more decorations like some pumpkins and a few plastic spiders to complete the look. Check out thriftyandchic for more inspiration.

As we may have mentioned before, bats are also perfect for a variety of different Halloween-themed decors. You can cut out a few from black cardboard and have them glued onto the front door as well as the doorframe an the walls. The door can also be decorated with a wreath and some of the bats can sit on that as well. It’s easy, inexpensive and efficient. Check out itallstartedwithpaint to see how that could look like.

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