Happy 5th Birthday, FoE!

I'm postponing my Disney shopping haul, because did you know FoE turned five this week?! I didn't! Not until I saw this adorable art by Amy Gentry:

The ear hat! And lil' Squee even gets a shiny number balloon, yesss. That makes it official.

This also reminded me it's been a while since I shared some fun FoE posts, just to give you non-Facebookers a peek at our shenanigans. (FoE = "Fans of Epbot" on Facebook, a fan-run group that I'm delighted to be a part of, especially since I'm not in charge. :P)

Hang on, lemme go rummage through my favorites folder.

Aha! Let's start with this gem from last year(!?) I somehow haven't shared yet:


As promised in her post, here's Leah & her partner Marji as story-telling fairies:

And here's a more recent post with Leah modeling her new teacup crown!

Now this is a Story teller outfit made to.... SPILL THE TEA.

Eh? EH?

Leah, you look absolutely magical. Amazing work!


Also in the drinks milieu, Caitlin & her sis made Avatar-themed cocktails, and D'AANG are these cool:

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