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Show Notes:
News topic du jour:
Dr. Aseem Malhotra on Sky News
Most people with the highest complications have metabolic disease – had nearly 3 chronic conditions: high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, smoking, and cancer…

1. Homeschooling Resources [12:20]


Hannah, one of our The Healthy Rebellion members, shared a ton of resources for parents newly tasked with teaching their kids at home… is another math website that you can use for skills- no need for signing in, but can work on fluency. Online drills.

Scholastic is offering some on-line learning from home 

Mo Willems, (Author of Elephant and Piggy, and a favorite author of mine)  is doing lunch doodles with kids

You can tour the Lourve!!! 

The San Diego Zoo has videos up and running 

Another one of our The Healthy Rebellion members Sybil shared that one of her favorite homeschooling mentors Susan Wise Bauer, is making many of her “how to homeschool” lectures free right now…

And Finally, Adam, one of our listeners shared with me that Audible is making kids books free for as long as schools are closed. We started listening to the Secret Garden yesterday with the girls.

Even if you don’t have kids that you’re now schooling at home…I think you’ll find the video hilarious!


2. Ways to Socialize While Distancing [16:26]

Jessica on our team is doing virtual happy hours with friends and family… facetime works and can do via zoom or google hangouts. Nicki is doing them with her family now too!

We’re calling old friends and family members

We’ve been doing weekly LIVE Chats in The Healthy Rebellion to stay even more connected. They’ve been described as ‘a boisterous online cocktail party’ 

3. Exercising At Home [20:04]

Lots of folks now have some extra hours in the day – not commuting…great to apply that extra time to working on fitness goals.  

Treadmill at home video (WARNING! Don’t try this at home): 

Kinstretch  – several online programs. Our friends Sarah and Grayson from basis helath and performance in Chico CA are leading us through a mobility reset in THR. They also have an online program…if Ziva is the best thing we’ve done personally in last 10 years, Kinstrecth is the best thing we’ve done for our bodies/joints….it’s seriously that good.  Go to and choose online kinstretch from the menu. or go directly to

BJJ at home resources:

Caio Terra has announced that his website is free for at least the next two weeks, and maybe longer

Renzo Gracie is free for 30 days (I’m not sure if this is always free for 30 days or a new offer)

Pedro Sauer online is free for 30 days and maybe longer

Essential Jiu Jitsu – JT Torres – 2 weeks free with code JIUJITSUSTRONG

Lucas Lepri online – one free week – videos can be streamed from the website but not directly downloaded.

Keenan Cornelius – streaming one class per day on youtube

LiftBJJ has temporary free workout programs for people combining workouts with BJJ. 3 body weight programs and 2 kettlebell programs. 


4. MEAT and Food [28:11]

Now more than ever, when some supermarkets are limiting access, limiting the quantities of things like eggs and ground beef. It’s a great time to find your local farmers who might have an abundant supply and/or could deliver!

See how you can support small farmers right now.


5. How To Stay Sane? [30:58]

Very stressful time

One The Healthy Rebellion member Sybil shared an article that child abuse cases are at an all time high

Peter Attia shared…

Ziva Meditation – they’re giving half off ZivaOnline course through the end of March…so a couple more days to get in on that. After that, you can use code ROBB15 for 15% off

Don’t be glued to the news. Budget your news time.

Use your right brain – go outside, even if it’s just on your porch or the balcony of your apartment) and sketch.

Memorize a poem. We’ve been doing daily boredom busting challenges in THR, one of them was memorize a poem. Sir Smashum Uppe (an abridged version)! The girls can now recite it too!
Don’t be blindsided…

This might be one of the most important episodes we’ve done…it’s so important now  to do everything we can to stay calm, stay healthy….please share this one!!!

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Nicki: It’s time to make your health an act of rebellion. We’re tackling personalized nutrition, metabolic flexibility, resilient aging, and answering diet and lifestyle questions. This is the only show with the bold aim to help one million people liberate themselves from the sick care system. You’re listening to The Healthy Rebellion Radio.

Nicki: The contents of this show are for entertainment and educational purposes only. Nothing in this podcast should be considered medical advice. Please consult your licensed and credentialed functional medicine practitioner before embarking on any health, dietary, or fitness change. Warning, when Rob gets passionate, he’s been known to use the occasional expertise. If foul language is not your thing, if it gets your britches in a bunch, well, there’s always Disney+

Robb: We’re here. I think we were having some-

Nicki: We’re here.

Robb: … camera versus-

Nicki: Lag time.

Robb: … voice lag time.

Nicki: Yeah. Hopefully that doesn’t persist throughout this whole thing.

Robb: Hopefully not. Although folks who are listening to this only, I guess-

Nicki: It won’t matter.

Robb: … it doesn’t matter.

Nicki: Just the fact, the Instagram clips were just totally fine.

Robb: Indeed it is. Hello wife. How are you doing them?

Nicki: I’m good hubs. How are you?

Robb: Good.

Nicki: It’s raining, and bleary, and bleak here in New Braunfels. I think we have had like 10 straight days of gray and I think there’s another five days of gray on the horizon.

Robb: Only like three, and then it’s just-

Nicki: Okay.

Robb: … lighter gray.

Nicki: Okay. We have breaks in rain, like the rain comes in spurts and then the rain goes away and we are able to go outside, walk the dog and all that good stuff, but-

Robb: But mum, when it rains in Texas, it doesn’t-

Nicki: It comes down.

Robb: … fog around, gets it done.

Nicki: Of course, yeah. What do we got going right on? We are in the middle of our mobility reset focusing on kin stretch and controlled articular rotations. We’ve got Sarah Strange and her husband Grayson helping lead us through that and it’s actually been really cool. A lot of folks are seeing a lot of improvement in their range of motion, and how they feel and-

Robb: And everybody’s learning that your toes are supposed to work something other than like a flipper that they’re actually supposed to have independent activity like fingers and bones.

Nicki: Some people have toes and some people have hooves is how Sarah likes to put it or the Kinstretch like to put it. So yeah, it’s been pretty fun and-

Robb: I prefer flipper.

Nicki: Flipper?

Robb: Yeah.

Nicki: Hooves, yeah. Flipper is a little bit more nice sounding.

Robb: It sounds like there’s actually hope, a hoof is like, yeah, you’re stuck with that, but that’s going super well. We have our next 30 day reset-

Nicki: Starting on April 20th.

Robb: Yep.

Nicki: And that’s inside The Health Rebellion community and super excited for this one. The last one that we did was awesome. We cover food, we cover sleep, we cover community, which will be a little bit different, probably this go round given all of the social distancing stuff that we’re all practicing for the most part.

Nicki: We cover movement and exercise and whatnot, so really great time to join The Health Rebellion, we’ve got a whole community to support you, guide you, even if you haven’t been eating, following an ancestral kind of pattern or a method and you’re new to all of this, there’s a ton of support in this community and it’s pretty amazing.

Robb: Yeah. The timeliness of this is interesting. We founded The Health Rebellion with the goal of liberating a million people out of the sick care system. And one of the key features of that not just being fart in the wind, but actually being something quantifiable as being able to pinpoint what someone’s metabolic health is and hopefully it’s good and we can help maintain it. But if it’s not good, then we have great strategies for improving the metabolic health of folks.

Robb: And in this SARS-CoV to COVID-19 world, what we’re discovering is that the people who are metabolically healthy are fairing far, far better than other folks. And I guess maybe that segues a little bit into our news topic du jour Dr. Aseem Malhotra on Sky News, I got to hang out with him a little bit at the Metabolic Health Summit, but he makes the point that most people with the highest complications have metabolic disease, nearly three different chronic conditions, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, smoking cancer.

Robb: These things are largely preventable and we know that, but this is even for folks that have been in The Healthy Rebellion and they say like they went through the last reset. But as we’ve been digging into the realities of what your risk is for this, the COVID-19 disease process, when they understood that the metabolically healthy people are fairing better… And none of this is a guaranteed.

Robb: There’s no guarantee but you can hedge your bets, but a number of people were kind of like, “Shit. Okay, it’s time for me to get back on the pony.” And indeed it is because the interesting thing with this is days and weeks can dramatically transform your metabolic health. It doesn’t take a year to do it.

Robb: Even if this is somewhat a panic to reactionary moment the people are doing this for, it’s interesting what we’ve noticed is that people are far more motivated to do something around avoiding or mitigating risk associated with an infectious disease than they are with like cardiovascular disease-

Nicki: Obesity or type 2 diabetes.

Robb: … or obesity, or something like that.

Nicki: Yeah.

Robb: But what’s inseparable in this is poor health is poor health. And if you are tested and you are experiencing poor health, then it’s not going to go well for you. So we have a link to this in the show notes.

Nicki: We’ve also had some people ask like, “How do we help loved ones who are just starting to realize that their metabolic health is a player in this and they want to improve their health, they want to practice some immune support that’s not just taking a bunch of vitamin C? Or people who have been longtime listeners or followers of us and have friends and family members that have been stubborn all the way along or just not open to it and now they’re finally opening their eyes and ready to do something?”

Nicki: We got together with our team and we decided, given the circumstances, and we have our Keto Masterclass that we’ve had out in the wild now for gosh-

Robb: Over a year.

Nicki: Over a year, maybe almost coming up on two years, I guess. And normally we sell it for $49, but it feels like it’s an amazing sort of backbone for people to wrap their heads around, making some changes in their health.

Robb: It’s phenomenal for helping to establish metabolic health. It can be done entirely at home. We designed it in such a way that we anticipated virtually all the questions. It’s exhaustive in, the way that we know that they’re going to ask this question here and that question there. And so it’s phenomenal for folks that are in this social distancing scenario but need something that can provide the lane lines for them to improve their metabolic health.

Nicki: Right. Normally we sell it for $49, but between now and April 10th, so for two weeks, the next two weeks, we’re going to give it away for free. All folks need to do is go to and use the code Rebel, R-E-B-E-L. Now is the time to share this with friends, family, coworkers.

Nicki: If you are a Keto Masterclass student, you’ve gone through it, this is the time to share this with people in your life that you think would be open to making a change and getting healthier. People have a little bit more time right now. They’re not having to commute, at least most people.

Robb: We’ve noticed that, like just doing our daily walks, we’ve noticed a lot more people out because it’s a little bit weird in Texas, people don’t walk, and part of that is they don’t build fucking sidewalks, so it doesn’t really make it amenable. But we’ve seen a bunch more people out and we’ve been speculating about that, part of it-

Nicki: Walking with their dogs-

Robb: Walking with their dogs and walking with their families and stuff like that-

Nicki: Yeah, out just out in park area.

Robb: … always at a good two meters distance and stuff like that, but it’s interesting. We were speculating, is it just because people are home and they’re stir-crazy or is it because they’re not spending three hours a day commuting, and so they’re like, “I’ll go for a run, I’ll go for a walk.” But whatever the case is, folks are getting out and doing things, so I think that people are more interested in what they can do to improve their health.

Robb: Again, like Nikki said, if you want to share an episode, this might be the one to share, and sharing the information around the Keto Masterclass will be critical. We don’t have it in our show notes, how are folks going to get access to the links for the Keto mass class? Just in the show notes or?

Nicki: I will put it in the show notes, but-

Robb: Okay.

Nicki: … you can go to, CO-V-I-D-

Robb: Okay.

Nicki: … and then use the code Rebel, R-E-B-E-L.

Robb: Cool. Awesome.

Nicki: Yup. All right. It’s time to do our Healthy Rebellion t-shirt winner for the iTunes review. And we’ve got Alicia Black 1020, who says, “This is the best nutrition podcast you are not listening to. Can I give this 100 stars? I’ve been following Robb Wolf since I found out about my celiac disease about seven years ago.

Nicki: The information and knowledge Robb and Nicki share is remarkable and something everyone should listen to at least once. It will change your life. This podcast is all about you taking control over your health. Keep up the kickass work.”

Robb: Pretty cool.

Nicki: Yup. Alicia Black 1020, thank you. Shoot us over an email to with your t-shirt size and your mailing address, and we will send you a Healthy Rebellion Radio t-shirt. Just a note on that, the place where we order our Healthy Rebellion Radio t-shirts, I got an email saying that they are unable to operate their warehouse and factory due to COVID, so things will be a little bit on delay, but have no fear, Alicia and other upcoming t-shirt winners. You will still get them, it’ll just might be after this little bit of COVID craziness has passed by.

Nicki: Let’s see.

Robb: Cool.

Nicki: This episode of The Healthy Rebellion Radio is sponsored by Four Sigmatic. Four Sigmatic are the makers of Mushroom Coffee with Chaga and Lion’s Mane. They’ve got you covered with a variety of go-to beverages to support productivity, focus and creativity. And the best part is they have a whole suite of mushroom products, both caffeinated options, caffeine-free options. All of them are super easy to use, you just tear and mix with hot water.

Nicki: And honestly, Robb and I were just talking about this because I think it was, gosh-

Robb: It was like three days ago.

Nicki: … three or four days ago and I was just having like a serious heart palpitations and I’m like, “I am…” Because reading all of this COVID stuff and-

Robb: And again, you tend to handle caffeine better than I do.

Nicki: Yeah. I tend to-

Robb: Like you can drink more coffee that I can.

Nicki: … handle caffeine well but I was like, “I got to stop. I can’t do the coffee anymore.” And it’s not like I drink a ton of coffee, but wake up in the morning, have a couple cups of coffee. And so the last three days I haven’t been doing any coffee, I’ve just been doing the Four Sigmatic.

Nicki: I go between the Mushroom Elixir mix, think with Lion’s Mane and then the Mushroom Chai Latte mix, which is also awesome. Both of them are caffeine-free. They have caffeinated options as well, but for me right now, I’m not tolerating it.

Robb: Their caffeinated options are very reasonable, it’s 50 grams of caffeine per dose, whereas like a stoutly brewed cup of is 200 milligrams of caffeine, so it’s easier to titrate it-

Nicki: If you’re feeling stressed around all the news or if you’ve noticed like a racing heart or a mild panic related to all of this stuff, you might want to consider dropping your caffeine intake a little bit and Four Sigmatic offers some great options for that. So you can check them out at and use code Rebel, R-E-B-E-L for 15% off your order.

Nicki: Okay.

Robb: Are ready for questions?

Nicki: We’re ready. Actually these questions today, some of them were people pinging us independently, some are stemming from some conversations we’re having in Healthy Rebellion community. But we thought we’d make all of these questions related to the new state of affairs.

Nicki: And so our first question, actually, one of our longtime listeners, Denise asked, she said, “I’ve got a niece who’s now tasked with homeschooling her seven year old daughter.” Gosh, so many parents are now finding themselves in this position where they’re homeschooling and they don’t have the experience, they don’t have resources, so she was wondering if we could put together a list of resources for folks in this position.

Nicki: And fortunately in The Healthy Rebellion community, we have some amazing people, some teachers and homeschooling parents. And so there have been a lot of resources being kicked around and Hannah, one of our Healthy Rebellion members shared a ton of resources for parents. So I’m going to read through some of these and just at least spark some ideas and give you guys some things to think about, but all of these links for all of this stuff, we will include in the show notes at

Nicki: The first one Hannah shared was Math-U-See, and that’s actually the math-

Robb: What we use-

Nicki: … program that Robb and I-

Robb: … and it’s fantastic.

Nicki: … are using with our girls. It’s a great program with manipulatives like blocks, so it’s actually a very visual way to learn math. But Hannah shared that and we didn’t actually know this. You can actually purchase their curriculum or as Hannah mentioned, they have some online drills so people don’t have to sign in and they can work on their math fluency with some online drills, so we’re going to post a link to that.

Nicki: Let’s see. Scholastic is also offering some online learning from home at their website. So we’ll link to that. Mo Willems, he has written several books. One of them, Elephant and Piggie, my favorite Jiu-jitsu pal, Jessica back in Reno gifted our girls a couple books from Mo Willems and they’re fabulous. Apparently he is doing some lunch doodles with kids and there’s a YouTube link for you for folks to watch.

Nicki: You can tour the Louvre, and actually a lot of museums-

Robb: Have virtual tours.

Nicki: … have virtual tours, yup, and zoos. And the next link is to the San Diego Zoo. They have videos up and running.

Nicki: Let’s see. Another one of our Healthy Rebellion community members, Sibyl shared that one of her favorite homeschooling mentors, Susan Wise Bauer is making many of her how to homeschool lectures free right now, so we’ll include a link to that so you can check those out. And Adam, one of our listeners and a friends in Reno shared with me that Audible has actually made kids’ books free for as long as schools are closed, so that is an amazing resource.

Nicki: We started listening to The Secret Garden yesterday with the girls and it’s been really cool.

Robb: It’s been awesome.

Nicki: It’s been really cool. I know that there’s a lot of people sharing a lot of resources. This is a short list, but it’ll definitely get you started. And again, all the links to all of this will be at on this episode’s show notes. Finally, we have to share this one. Where did you find this video?

Robb: Diana Rogers forwarded it to me.

Nicki: Okay. Diana Rogers forwarded this video, which is so, so funny because it’s so true. There’s this woman in Hebrew basically ranting-

Robb: Losing her shit over the homeschool scenario-

Nicki: at the teachers. She has four children and all of the teachers are apparently supplying them with lots and lots of work for the parents to school their children with during the day. And this woman… It’s so funny, we can’t even do it justice by explaining it, so you’ll just have to go to the show notes and watch it.

Nicki: And even if you don’t have kids that your schooling at home, you will find this video-

Robb: It’s hilarious.

Nicki: … hilarious, so it’s worth it.

Nicki: Let’s see, our next question/topic for today is how to socialize while social distancing.

Robb: And Jessica came up with the virtual-

Nicki: This is Jessica on our team.

Robb: On our team, yeah. She came up with the virtual happy hour, basically getting into FaceTime, or Zoom, or something like that and coordinating a time for yourself, friends, family, coworkers, anybody that you want to connect with and having some cocktails.

Nicki: And it could also be a coffee hour too like a virtual coffee hour and it’s just… She did this with one of her friends and so I actually texted one of my cousins the other day and said, “Hey, I think we should do a family virtual cocktail hour.” And she replied back, “Oh my gosh, this made me smile so big. I’m totally in.”

Nicki: So now we’re rounding up who among the cousins, and aunts, and uncles are game and we’ll do this over Zoom where we can have a virtual meeting and just see each other’s faces and chat. So this is something that folks can do, FaceTime one-on-one with somebody, or with Zoom, or Google Hangout, you can have multiple people on the line and just connect, which is awesome.

Nicki: You’ve had several conversations with old friends that you haven’t talked to in a long time-

Robb: Yeah-

Nicki: … like calling people and I know people are already doing this. It seems pretty like not on the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. You’re now at home and who can you call? Who can you talk to? And I think it’s really important to reach out and have these conversations because, Robb, in your book, you talk about how important community is for health and right now we’re all feeling a little isolated and pent up, so.

Robb: Yeah. Even in the Healthy Rebellion that community is virtual, it’s not the same as getting a hug, but I tell you what, there are some folks taking care of each other in there and the dark humor threads that have emerged are just hilarious. And also some of the things that folks have posted, you have to breathe through it for a minute or two.

Robb: You’re like, “Oh, that was so close to being over the edge, but these are the things that I think help get one through situations like this.” And we’ve been stepping up the frequency of our live chats in the Healthy Rebellion and I know a number of listeners are gym owners or coaches.

Robb: This is the time to really explore these virtual options to keep people connected, and stay engaged, and to blow off some steam and mitigate the really negative effects of this social isolation.

Nicki: It was super cool, I had an aunt of mine call me yesterday actually, who I haven’t spoken to since our family reunion, which was last summer, so, gosh, I don’t know, eight months. So it was just awesome. She’s like, “You know? I just figured I’m just going to just start checking up on everybody, and so I’m calling everybody and how are you doing?”

Nicki: We chatted for 15 minutes and I felt awesome afterwards, and this is something that all of us can do. You can pick one person a day in your friend, family, social circle and just check in.

Robb: It’s better time spent than spinning out on 24/7 news cycle on this stuff for sure.

Nicki: Absolutely. Okay, Robb, next topic/question.

Robb: Exercising in home.

Nicki: What can folks do at home exercise-wise during this time? People aren’t supposed to go to the gym. It seems like people can and should get outside and go to parks and whatnot, maintain social distance. Although I know some people I think are going a little over the top and saying, “You shouldn’t go outside at all even if you’re outdoors.”

Robb: It’s tough because in higher population density urban areas, it’s kind of tough because they would almost need to do it like, okay, everybody with an odd numbered residents, you go out on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the even numbered people; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then Saturday, Sunday everybody stays home or something like that.

Robb: But more rural areas and whatnot, it’s a very different thing going to your community trails, and getting some exercise, and having a little bit of a social distance buffer around you versus sitting next to somebody at a bar or restaurant and so yeah. But that said, the exercise piece has become a really important feature. Clearly this is a fantastic way to blow off some stress and to feel more normal.

Robb: We are sharing a link to a hilarious thing where people have been trying to do home treadmill with soap and water.

Nicki: This is another, we got to bring some levity into this whole situation in this. Robb was telling me about this and then I saw the video. This man literally in front of his sink poured some dish soap on the tile floor and some water, and then starts like walking in it with his bare feet like sticking it up.

Robb: The first guy that I saw do this and I couldn’t find the original video, but he actually grabbed the sink edge where you can get like some purchase on it and you’ve got some like four enough to control.

Nicki: It’s almost like a handle you can hold on.

Robb: And he started off walking and it actually was like, “Shit, that looks like a treadmill.” And then he actually started running and apparently he did like 15 or 20 minutes and he was like, “Oh, I’m exhausted.” And he was totally good to go. The guy in the video that we’re linking to just put his hands flat on-

Nicki: On a counter top.

Robb: … a counter top and I’m like, “How the fuck are you going to control falling on that?” So here’s a deal, getting a traumatic brain injury during a COVID epidemic is probably-

Nicki: Not a good idea.

Robb: … bad timing. It’s bad timing anyway, but… So if you tinker with the home soap treadmill, wear a crash helmet or something-

Nicki: We don’t advise. No, no, no. We’re not advising this is something you should do. We’re just advising that this is a video you should watch-

Robb: That you should watch.

Nicki: … for some walks or for some laughs because comedy right now is very helpful.

Robb: In short supply.

Nicki: In short supply, yup. Other things you can do at home, there’s a lot of resources online for free workouts and whatnot. One I know in… gosh, it’s probably about a year ago, we started doing Ziva Meditation. It was April 1st, I remember very clearly when I gave you that book. And you have said in previous episodes-

Robb: Because that was the last stage that I was ever an asshole.

Nicki: No.

Robb: That was the day-

Nicki: But you’ve improved.

Robb: … that I started being less of an asshole.

Nicki: There we go. There we go. I can get behind that one. But you have said in previous episodes that Ziva is one of the most important meditation that you’ve done in the last 10 years. And I would say the second most important thing that we’ve done for-

Robb: For my health and yours.

Nicki: … our health is Kinstretch.

Robb: Yeah.

Nicki: As we’ve mentioned, we’re doing this mobility reset inside the Healthy Rebellion community and our friends, Sarah and Grayson, a from Basis Health and Performance in Chico, they’re the ones leading us through it, but they also have an online program. If you care about your joints, if you feel like you’re a little bit mobility challenged, we can’t get behind what Kinstretch does for the human body enough, if that’s something you’re interested in, I would definitely check that out. Their online program is phenomenal.

Robb: I would a layer deeper on that. You don’t know how f’d up you are until you do some of this stuff and then feel what your body should feel like normally because although I’m getting up there in the years, but I’m a pretty good mover. Most people would be like, “Oh, Robb probably adds great movement.”

Robb: Comparatively, I do move well and have decent mobility, but because of the amount of sitting that I do and stuff like that, my hips get so tight, I get some back issues, some neck issues. And when we deviate away from doing our Kinstretch in our cars consistently, what happens is you shift into a new norm and that new norm is one of suckitude, like you feel like shit, but you just don’t really realize it.

Robb: And then we finally doubled down and we’ve been consistently doing our cars and doing a daily Kinstretch, and it’s not the same body.

Nicki: It’s one of those things where you’re like, “It’s bullshit-

Robb: It’s a non negotiable thing.

Nicki: … if you don’t do it everyday.” Again, it sounds overhyped, it’s absolutely not. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your body. So if you’re looking for an online program for that, go to They have online Kinstretch in their menu. I would definitely check that out.

Robb: Then in The Healthy Rebellion, some folks posted some Brazilian jiu-jitsu and judo resources. A whole host of people have opened up their online training-

Nicki: Online academies, yeah.

Robb: … academies for folks that are stuck at home.

Nicki: No, a lot of these are things that you can… like solo drills you can do-

Robb: Yes.

Nicki: … right? So not everybody… We’re fortunate that we both trained jiu-jitsu and we’re both stuck in the same house, so we can do some training together, but a lot of folks don’t have a training partner at home. So the nice thing about a lot of these resources, it’s that you can work on things even though you’re by yourself.

Robb: Yup. Caio Terra, Renzo Gracie, Pedro Sauer, Sensel jiu-jitsu, Lucas Lepri, Keenan Cornelius, Lift BJJ. I’m sure there are many more beyond that, but we have links to all of these. And again, depending on the particular program, like they’re open for a week, or a month, or what have you, but there’s some great online training to be had with these folks.

Robb: Next question.

Nicki: Our next question is around meat and food. I know that now in a lot of places… We have one member of The Healthy Rebellion who’s in Spain and they’re being limited on when they can go grocery shopping. Even here in the United States you’re limited at some stores to buying a certain amount of ground beef and a certain number of egg cartons. So it seems like now more than ever, it feels like a time to support our local farmers.

Robb: What’s interesting is some of the folks that we’ve reached out to, these local farmers, including CSAs, they oftentimes a significant portion of their business is serving local restaurants and a lot of local restaurants are closed. And so even though the standard supermarket may be impacted, I think that there were a lot of runs on supermarkets and now they’re getting caught up on that.

Robb: And also the supermarkets, like you said, are kind of, “Hey, you can’t buy 18 of those. You can buy two.” That’s all well and good, but what we have found is that these local producers, CSAs, local meat, egg producers, they’re oftentimes flush with resources. And so reaching out to them, buying a half a cow, doing a cow share, getting their special meat boxes and stuff like that-

Nicki: Getting a couple of friends to go in on a half of a beef, not everybody has the freezer space to store a half of a beef, but if you have four friends or family members-

Robb: You pretty much pull it off.

Nicki: … you can split it and then divide it up. Diana Rogers actually has a blog that White Hofacre is Lauren wrote on the secret cow website about supporting small farms during Coronavirus. So that is a must read and we’re linking to that in the show notes. I know a lot of farmer’s markets are closed like the one here in New Braunfels or the Pearl market in San Antonio I think is now-

Robb: Was closed.

Nicki: Was closed.

Robb: I think the New Braunfels’ one went last week, but I don’t know that it could happen just yesterday.

Nicki: So a lot of them are closing given the time, but look, this is a great time to do an online search. Find the farmers that are within a drive of you that you can try to score.

Robb: And frequently they will deliver to your door if you get-

Nicki: Sometimes they will.

Robb: … like $100 minimum or something like that.

Nicki: Yeah. Sometimes they will, so this is a great opportunity to not only support regenerative agriculture, fill your freezer, and also help these farmers at this time.

Nicki: And finally, our final topic/question for today is how to stay sane. This is a super, super stressful time for everyone. That hilarious video of the homeschooling mom, it’s funny, but she’s clearly stressed and she like-

Robb: She’s not trying to be funny, she is stressed the fuck out-

Nicki: She’s not trying to be funny, and she says, “I’m falling to pieces here.” And I know that that sentiment is probably shared the world round for a lot of parents, but just people in general, and I know you were mentioning that Peter Tia shared something.

Robb: Pretty heartfelt. Peter’s a good friend, kind of a hero of mine, brilliant guy and he shared that he had snapped at his… Both of his kids separate in instances, but just his base level of self admitted prickliness, which is nontrivial. Even with his friends, Peter can be kind of prickly at times. It’s just ratcheted up.

Robb: And what was interesting, Peter’s such an accomplished person, but he admitted that he’s kind of a control freak. And in an environment like this where we have these-

Nicki: No control?

Robb: … existential threats that we have no fucking control over, it can be really, really upsetting. And it was interesting and you and I have talked about this throughout our history and our relationship. I’m pretty zen about most things, almost to a fault where when some of they’re like, “Manifest, see your future, be your future.”

Robb: And I’m like, “Hey, I’m going to work on this stuff. I’m going to work on, but I ultimately have no control over the outcome.” And in a lot of ways that can be very liberating. I do find that the people who are super, super successful are these wound-tight type A people that are control freaks and there’s just something that lends itself to mega achievement.

Robb: But I’ve also found that I do really well in highly chaotic, dysfunctional situations because I am able to some degree let go and just like, “This is what I control, I can’t control all this other stuff.” So I compartmentalize. And also we’ve done a lot of work in trying to mitigate downside risk. I’m a little bit of a doom stay prepper guy and we’ve been schlepping a kit along with us for like 10 years.

Nicki: You’ve got some freeze dried stuff.

Robb: We’ve got some freeze dried stuff. But those things are important and doing this either is super important, not being buried in the news. You made the case of doing some right brain stuff-

Nicki: Right. It’s been raining so I haven’t done this yet, but I want to go outside when it’s not raining and do some sketching. I took art in high school and I did some ceramics and stuff in college, was elective stuff and it’s been so long since I’ve done anything like that. So I’ve been wanting to get the girls out with a sketchpad and we have lots of prickly pear cac tie around and just sit and do our best to sketch some of the things that are in our environment.

Nicki: I did want to mention, you mentioned Ziva Meditation and Emily Fletcher is giving half off of her zivaONLINE course through the end of March. So you’ve got a couple more days to get on that. It’s phenomenal. If you have heard us talk about Ziva Meditation, you haven’t grabbed her book yet, you haven’t done the course, this is the perfect time to get in on it and actually do it. It pays back dividends and how you feel, especially during a time like this.

Robb: Then you and the rest of the team cooked up a daily boredom buster within the healthy rebellion. One of them was really cool, was memorize a poem.

Nicki: Yeah, we’ve been doing some daily boredom busters. One of them was memorize a poem and we put two examples of there, and one I just found online because it seemed silly and it’s called Sir Smasham Uppe. I memorized it while mowing the lawn last weekend, and then I was reciting it to the girls and it’s really cool because it’s like a person-

Robb: You can be fairly theatrical.

Nicki: … having a conversation with an older gentlemen. “Good afternoon Sir Smasham Uppe! We’re having tea: do take a cup!” And so I was doing it a little bit dramatically for the kids and so now, they both have it memorized.

Robb: Both girls have it memorized.

Nicki: Yeah. It has brought a lot of laughter, and silliness, and fun into our household.

Robb: And then we have a cat, Sunny. The cat of a thousand names. His real name in theory is Sunny but currently-

Nicki: They call him Murphy.

Robb: … they call him Murphy or Maskeevy, and so Sir Smasham Uppe has turned into Sir Murphim Uppe. Not only did the girls memorize the main-

Nicki: Poem.

Robb: … poem, but now they’re riffing on all this stuff and it’s a hilarious distraction. It’s super cool.

Nicki: But I think the main takeaway here is, yes we all want to be up on what’s going on in the world but we can’t be glued to the news. It’s overwhelming, it’s too much. I think figuring out how to budget the amount of COVID related stuff that you’re taking in each day so that you can… There’s just more going to be coming each day.

Robb: You don’t need to check it out early.

Nicki: You don’t need to check it out early, you don’t need to know every last detail, get a quick update. Maybe for some of you if this is really impacting you… A lot of people are having serious anxiety around this. Maybe it’s once a week or maybe it’s not at all and you just have a friend that gives you the 411 of the key details and so you’re not reading all of the-

Robb: And I am doing Salty Talk episodes and currently they’re going to be mainly oriented on this COVID topic. I’m trying to some degree be the RSS Feed like listen to all the podcasts, read all the news-

Nicki: And then distill it down.

Robb: … and science articles, and then whittle it down. The main things I’m trying to focus on are what are our best understandings of the current numbers like disease spread, morbidity, mortality, and then the other two things; what could we do or what is a situation that could make outcomes worse?

Robb: And the flip side of that, what can we be doing? What can treatment options look like that could improve outcomes? And I feel like understand to some degree what the situation is and then how can we affect outcomes. That’s really the main stuff that we need to focus on right now.

Nicki: If you’re trying to avoid the news but you do want to stay in the loop to some degree, checking out Robb’s… The first Salty Talk that went up last, gosh, I guess a week and a half ago from when this episode here is being released, and then also episode two where you’re going to follow up a little bit on that.

Robb: And just a quick points on resilience, and being blindsided, and stuff like that. What’s interesting is when you look at things like when a hurricane hits an area, or an earthquake happens, or something like that. There are folks that immediately fall into work and they start, “Okay, we need to do this, we need to do that.” And then there are folks are shocked. They’re literally in a state of shock.

Robb: And having some thought around resiliency just related to that the world can change in a moment like an EMP pulse could turn off the electricity for North America in the flip of a switch, and there’s all kinds of catastrophic stuff. Now, I don’t want to say this and then people are noodling on like, “Oh my God, how, what are the 1000 ways –

Nicki: This isn’t meant to make you more anxious and more paranoid.

Robb: … that civilization could collapse.” But the thing is, is that people who have at least had some mental exercise, some game playing, this even extends to self-defense. If it’s a dark parking lot and you’re a woman by yourself, you try to find somebody to walk you out to your car and stuff like that. But if you’ve game played to some degree, “What happens if somebody approaches me in a dark parking lot and I’m alone?” What do I do?

Robb: If you’ve never even thought that through, you have no game plan. There’s nothing that exists in your brainstem for you to fall back on, and that’s similar in these moments of extreme stress and things going crazy on us. If we take some time to build, not just physical resiliency, but also mental resiliency and understand that things can change at the drop of a hat and those changes can be significant.

Robb: But if we are in a state of shock, it’s going to take that much longer before we can be in a situation where we can respond effectively. I don’t want that to be preachy, but it’s something that I’ve tried to allocate a little bit of time, almost daily, weekly, monthly, just thinking about, oh, if something crazy happened, how am I going to respond to it? And have a game plan.

Robb: Because otherwise people can be paralyzed for days, weeks, and that’s the time that they could be contingency planning and making changes that would dramatically improve their outcomes.

Nicki: All right, those are our five topics today. Remember to check out our show sponsor, Four Sigmatic, and use code Rebel for 15% off. Before you go, don’t turn this off yet. This might be one of the most important episodes that we’ve done because I feel like there is just so much anxiety and stress out there.

Nicki: We’ve been hearing these types of questions and these sentiments from people within our community, on Instagram, all over the place, so please share this one. Remember, we’re offering the Keto Masterclass free until April 10th with code Rebel. You can find that at, so please share this.

Nicki: If there’s somebody in your family, in your friends circle, or coworkers who you think would benefit from listening to not only this episode, but taking advantage of the Keto Masterclass offer, please share this episode.

Nicki: Let’s see. As always, we’d love to have you in The Healthy Rebellion community. If you’re feeling like you want some extra community, some people to-

Robb: And clearly, a lot of people have because we’ve had a lot of people joining of late, and very honored by that.

Nicki: It’s just a really, I don’t know, it feels like a very healthy… Just a great group of people and everybody’s got each other’s back and supportive. We’ve had some members go through some really rough things this past week, unrelated to COVID, but it’s awesome to see the outpouring of support and just the nature of people at this time.

Nicki: You can join us there,, and gosh, subscribe, leave us a review and stay healthy, and do everything you can to keep you and your family safe.

Robb: Take care everybody.

Nicki: Take care.

Robb: Bye.

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