How To Keep Your Vape Unit In Good Shape

When you first get involved in vaping, it can be easy to forget about the regular care and maintenance required. Engaging in good cleaning and storage practices for your vaporizer will ensure that you experience the flavors the way they are meant to be tasted and will help keep your vaporizer in good shape. Get a good maintenance routine going by keeping these tips in mind.
Clean Your Vape Weekly
Get into the habit of cleaning your vaporizer weekly. Regular cleanings will help ensure you get the best flavor out of your e-liquid and help protect your vaporizer from damage. Make sure you disassemble your device and properly rinse relevant components in warm water. Allow the tank and components to air dry before reassembling the vape for use.
Take Care of Your E-Liquid
To experience e-liquid flavors as they are intended, you need to take care of your e-liquid bottles. Browse a vape shop online to get premium e-liquid and always ensure that it’s stored in a dark place that’s away from sunlight. Dark bottles will help ensure a rich flavor over time. If you intend to store the e-liquid for a long time, keep in mind that different bottle materials may impact the flavor. Always make sure you tightly close your e-liquid bottles after each use to prevent a loss of flavor.
Image Source: Pax Vaporizer Protect Your Tank
If you want your device to last a long time, you must keep an eye on the component that houses the e-liquid. Plastic tanks are more susceptible to breaking down, especially if you prefer e-liquids with higher levels of acidity. Upgrade to a glass or pyrex tank if possible. You can help further protect your device by disassembling your vaporizer every night. By disassembling the vape at night, you can protect the vaporizer against unanticipated leaks that could otherwise do serious damage if unnoticed.
Swap Your Coil
If you start to notice that you’re getting less vapor or your e-liquid tastes different than normal, your device may be due for a coil swap. Regularly change your coil to avoid a burnt flavor and keep your device in good working order. Depending on your usage, you may have to change your coil anywhere from once every few days to a couple of times a month. Certain e-liquids may also impact how frequently you must change your coil.

Getting involved in vaping can become expensive over time if you don’t take care of your vaporizer and e-liquids. Protect your experience and your wallet by maintaining good storage and upkeep practices.

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