Out and About in SE Arizona

Needed to hang on to that hat as it was "A wild and blustery day" as Winnie the Pooh 
would say. Even holding the camera still was a challenge for our first stop Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area, 2 hours away. It's an extensive open water area. marshland and mudflats that attract birds throughout the winter. The featured attraction sandhill cranes, some 20,00 we are told stand all night in the Whitewater Draw's shallow water to evade predators, fly out each morning to feed and socialize and then return in the afternoon  and evening.  
It was feeding time late morning when these photos were taken. Quite the sight with so many birds clustered in one place.

In addition to sandhill cranes, Whitewater Draw's waters attract many kinds of geese, herons, egrets, shorebirds and ducks.  Note the Mallard ducks enjoying a swim nearby. 

Next stop Bisbee. AZ 
Bisbee may have declined in size and vigor from its glory days as a thriving silver and copper mining town, but a fun place to visit offering underground mining tours, museums and lots of quirky shops.  
A view of open pit mining 

and random placed houses dotting the hillside seemed like a mystery how to even reach some of them.  
Bisbee, a place that beats Duluth MN for hilly, winding streets where parking is at a premium.

Mining may have stopped a long time ago but they did leave behind one useful item. 
(a mining pan turned toilet paper handle)

 We needed to make an afternoon stop at Wisdoms, a favorite watering hole for locals,

as we missed celebrating National Margarita Day on Saturday. Their iconic chicken caught my husband's attention. And they even had one of the painted javelinas I previously posted  Chasing Javelinas in Tubac
RAK Sharing a plate of butterscotch brownies with friends.  
Try the recipe below and share with neighbors/friends/family.  https://sockfairies.blogspot.com/2020/01/baileys-butterscotch-brownies.html

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