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If you follow along on Instagram, you know that we broke out of hibernation mode and spent the past several days soaking up the sun in Florida. As much as I love being on the beach, the salty ocean can leave my hair feeling less than perfect. Of course, there are some upsides, including the sun-kissed highlights and piece-y texture – but that never comes without some crazy flyaways, oily hair and maybe even some hat hair. So how to prevent a hot mess of hair and/or salvage your hair afterwards? Here are the five things I always pack for a beach trip that will save your beach day hair, and they’re small enough to toss in your beach bag!
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1. A Good Dry Shampoo
When I think about all my hair care products for the beach, dry shampoo is what stands out most as an essential since over washing your tresses can dry it out even more – and dry hair and humid air DO NOT mix. It’s easy to travel with, you can apply it on the go, and it gets me through days without washing.

I’ve tested so many formulas at this point and wanted to share this new one with you: Waterl
Waterl 2. Headbands
Turns out one of the biggest hair accessory trends right now is also perfect for the beach. Throw your hair into a knot or ponytail and slip on a headband to keep everything in place. I highly recommend doing this because it’s not only great for keeping hair out of your face but helps prevent ends from getting frazzled and damaged. Definitely go for a headband style that sits on top of the head – that way you don’t have to deal with funky tan lines. A headband will also be a good way to go from beach to food truck or family cookout. 
3. Beach Hats
Worrying about your hair while on vacation is never fun, and color-treated hair is especially prone to problems in the open sun. A BIG straw beach hat makes it easy and stylish to protect your mane and skin! With my new short hair, I recently made small pigtails and popped on a floppy, wide-brim hat for extra protection. There are so many straw hat styles that can be both fashionable and functional for the beach and beyond. I’ll literally wear a hat to the coffee shop…
4. Hair Scarves
As much as I love beach hats, I will admit that they can be a pain to haul around, especially when you’ve gotta carry around a little one and all their things too. Hair scarves are super trendy right now and can offer the same protection as a hat but they’re also much easier to pack. Wear it as a headband, or tie it around a topknot or ponytail – these can be really versatile to have on hand especially on a windy beach.
5. Hair Refresh Spray
I try not to over wash my hair when I’m at the beach – the whole dry hair/dry scalp situation I have going on currently. So I usually need something that can freshen it up quick without drying it out. That outdoor smell can cling to hair, so that’s when a refresh spray comes in handy. I love how Waterl How do you guys manage your hair on a beach trip?
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