There’s no occasion more joyous than announcing a pregnancy

But with so many pregnancy announcement ideas out there, where would you even start? Thankfully, it’s not a huge thing you’ll have to worry about.

A pregnancy announcement is a simple feat to pull off, and if you want something a bit more extravagant than simply saying out loud that you’re expecting, there are pregnancy announcement ideas that can give you the perfect inspiration for your own.

All you need to know if how to put them together.
How to Put Together Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Putting together your pregnancy announcement ideas doesn’t have to be overly complicated. That’s something to be grateful for, with all the planning, supplies, and stress a new baby can bring! All it takes is a lot of heart and a little creativity! So start with a simple idea, and add a personal touch.

You can even follow some step by step DIYs and find inspiration on Pinterest if you’re still in need of some flair.

Another crucial step of putting together your announcement is not to take it so seriously. Don’t expect the whole thing to go along perfectly. And don’t stress over the little things. What matters is that you’re celebrating your future baby.

You can pick up the supplies to put together one of your pregnancy announcement ideas at any local craft store or Amazon. A handmade announcement is something everyone will remember, and it makes your news that much more special.
Things to Remember
Keep your head, and don’t stress too much about your announcement! It’s a fun occasion, so relax. Have fun, smile, and treat it like a celebration — because for you, it is.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should be safe when using hot glue guns, and not leave any young children unsupervised with choking hazards, such as small pieces of chalk, and any small pieces you’re using in your announcement.

Our final piece of advice to you is that you shouldn’t reveal your pregnancy until you’re completely ready. Why? Because you don’t have to. You’re not obligated to share your pregnancy with anyone you don’t want to.
Anything but chalkboring

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One of our first fun pregnancy announcement ideas is a chalkboard notice. All you need are some colorful sticks of chalk, a chalkboard, (or something to write it on) and a cute phrase.

You can either take a photo holding your announcement or unveil it at a dinner party. You can even have an older child of yours, if this baby isn’t your first, hold the sign for a photo or show off as they run excitedly into a room full of loved ones.

As for the writing? That’s up to you! Try some of these, or come up with some of your own!
Baby (last name), joining us (due date) Guess who’s eating for two! We’re expecting a baby, but it could be a velociraptor
You can even deck out your chalkboard with a themed message if you’d like to. It’s always fun to announce a pregnancy around a holiday! And what better way than a cute saying on a chalkboard?
Congrats on your promotion!

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If this is your second or third child, another cute idea is to give your current munchkin a shirt that reads; “I’m being promoted to big brother/sister!” That way, you’re announcing the new baby’s arrival while getting your current kids excited.

You can even add a twist on this and get shirts that read “I’m being promoted to a dad/mom!” or even get some shirts for the future grandparents. It’s a good idea — run with it!

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Another phrase could be “I’m being promoted to eldest/middle!” Rather than a big brother or sister. T-shirts on your kids are always a cute way to announce that you’re pregnant. You can either have them pose for a photo to send ou or have them wear these shirts to their grandparent’s house to share the news.
Thing 1 or Thing 2? 

Speaking of cute outfits and shirts for your kiddos, a Dr. Suess route is always a winner. We’re sure you’ve read “The Cat in the Hat” to your kids a few times, or you had it read to you as a child. And what better way to announce a brand new baby than to add a bit of whimsy?

As an added plus, presenting your kids with the themed outfits is an adorable way to share the news with them, and a great way to involve them. And that’s a good thing! You want a new baby to be a positive thing for everyone in the house.

As for the outfits themselves, you can make (or buy) T-shirts for your kids and take a photo of them holding a baby onesie with the next number on it. Not only is it a great photo to send out, but you can keep it framed on the wall.

How cute is “Thing 1 and Thing 2 AnnounceThing Due!”
This one’s a shoe-in

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Another one of our pregnancy announcement ideas is to take a pair of baby shoes and take a photograph with them! You and your significant other can either stand with the baby shoes between you or hold them together, or even pose them like the image above.

You can even couple this idea with the chalkboard idea or a cute little banner that says something like “Guess who will be kickin’ it with us (due date)?” or “Can shoe believe it?” — any other pun-derful phrases will also do the trick if you can think them up!

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#babyannouncement idea that includes your fur baby! How did you share your #pregnancyannouncement? Share below! Photocredit: @InbalGibor

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A photo like that on a postcard or something of the like is a great way to break the news to extended family and close friends. Plus, it’ll make for a cute photo you can hang on your wall.
Eviction for Good Cause:

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While you getting this perfect facial expression from your other little is, well, luck of the draw, this great idea is too cute to leave off our list. 

If you have a toddler who is still sleeping in that crib you’re going to need soon, why not make a cute “eviction notice” to announce the incoming new resident?
A cup-ple of good ideas

Click on image to check price.

If you’ve yet to break the news to your significant other, a nice way is to gift them a mug with a special message at the bottom, like this one that says “We’re Pregnant!”

These are sweet and personal, so while you may not be able to announce your pregnancy at work with this method, it’s nice for sharing the news with close loved ones.

You can get mugs that say “You’re going to be a dad!” and even mugs which reveal that someone will be an aunt, uncle, grandma, etc. So brew up some coffee or tea, because there’s no better surprise to receive first thing in the morning than the happy news of a brand new baby!
Get ready for a crazy charade
Yes, we mean charades. Have a party, a get-together, or suggest you play charades at a family gathering. If you or your family are unable to travel right now, especially due to your new pregnancy, using platforms like Skype to pull this off is a great idea!

It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a phrase to reveal the pregnancy, as seen in an episode of “Full House” when Rebecca played charades to tell Jesse that she was pregnant with twins.

Here’s the clip:

Come up with a fun phrase and then leave it up to your acting skills to announce the news to your friends and family. Just imagine the looks on their faces when they finally figure out what you’re trying to tell them. Talk about memorable!

Click on image for price.

Jumping back to fun T-shirts, you and your significant other can get either matching shirts, or shirts that go together to wear around or for a photo together. That, or you can tote a cute shirt like this to casually spread the word.

You can find lots of these shirts online, or you can make them yourself, so they’re completely customized.

Come up with your own phrases or paint your own cute little illustrations on the front. There’s nothing like a photoshoot in clothes made by hand with love.

And if you already have kids, let them help you with your shirt design! It just makes the final product all the more special. Plus, you can keep them for posterity, and maybe you can put them in a baby box when the time comes.
Grab Your Crafting Gear
And there you have it! All you need is a hot glue gun and love in your heart to put together some of the sweetest pregnancy announcement ideas. And feel free to combine ideas, and tweak them to fit your life and personality.

So grab your glitter glue, cameras, and chalkboards, folks, because you’ve got a pregnancy to announce. And before you go, if you’ve got your idea, we wish you the best of luck piecing it all together. We hope your final product comes out as adorable as your future baby!

How did your pregnancy announcement ideas come out? Was everyone as thrilled as you are? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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