Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone on Your List

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When I was younger, we didn't hang our stockings up by the fireplace. And actually, we didn't have a fireplace.
Instead, we would carefully lay our stockings across the back of our couch and Santa would lay them at the foot of our beds after filling them with fruits, nuts, candy, and several small gifts. It was the first thing we would open Christmas morning, and all of us kids would excitedly show off what we had received to each other. This was nice for our parents, who got to sleep in just a little bit longer before we would come bursting into their bedroom to show them what Santa had left us.

Because of these sweet memories, I have a special sentimentality towards stockings. I know it can be harder to find the perfect gift to give in stockings, since they are smaller but still have to pack the same punch. That's why I've compiled this list of some of the best stocking stuffers I've seen that will cover all of your bases this year. And not only will these bring a smile to your loved ones face, but they will help support small businesses as well.


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These crocheted hats by Ashley Artechi (@Ashleys_CrochetedCreations on Instagram) are so cute! They come for both toddlers and teens, and she has a couple different styles up, among her other crocheted items. I can think of a few people in my own life who would enjoy getting one of these hats, so I definitely wanted to share them! The fringe around the bottom is probably my favorite part. They just add that extra touch of holiday magic.

Check them out on Instagram here.

These cute keychains from Glamourie Creations on Etsy would make the perfect gift for any women in your life. Each customizable keychain comes with a puffball, lip gloss, letter initial, and photo. The extra wow factor of this comes from how customizable it is. There will be no doubt about how much extra thought you put into picking this gift out!
Buy one here.

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Photo courtesy of SoloWoodDesign on Etsy.com

If you’re shopping for someone with a love for unique, beautiful jewelry, these Cherrywood earrings from Solo Wood Design are the perfect choice. There are so many different designs available, and no two pairs will be exactly alike due to the differences in the wood they are made from. These are sure to wow anyone who receives them.

Buy a pair here.


In my opinion, the first couple Christmases with a new baby are the hardest to shop for. But these festive and functional bibs from Bibs4Littles would make the perfect stocking stuffer for any little ones you have. This Christmas plaid is currently my favorite, but there are many other different styles to choose from. The best part is these bibs have sleeves for ultimate mess control and a button clasp that you can easily undo with one hand.

Buy one here.


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Photo courtesy of BCrossCreations on Etsy.com

Personally, I love getting anything Nativity related at Christmas time. When I saw these beautiful ornaments from B Cross Creations, I fell in love. There are multiple types of wood to choose from and anyone who loves collecting Nativities would be ecstatic to find one of these in their stocking.

Buy one here.


Dinosaur Soap

If your littles love dinosaurs, these awesome dinosaur shaped soaps by Wyrd Wax would make exciting stocking stuffers. Heck, even any dino-loving adult in your life would love these. They come in a pair and are customizable with shape, smell, color, and even what kind of soap it is! And with soap being such a hot commodity these days, it’s a gift that is SURE to get lots of use right away.

Buy them here.


Photo courtesy of WyrdWax on Etsy.com


Photo courtesy of PlanAroundThis on Etsy.com

Giving the gift of cash (or gift card) this year? Check out these festive money envelopes from Plan Around This. It makes giving cash just a little more exciting, especially for the recipient. There are several styles to choose from. In fact, there were too many for me to pick just one! Luckily this shop offers a grab bag, where you can get multiple random designs in one order.

Buy them here.



These customizable leather toiletry bags from Tecc Leather are a great gift for the avid traveler. They can be used to hold anything from toiletries to cosmetics and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. You can also get it personalized with a name so it never gets lost while traveling! 

Buy one here.


Photo courtesy of TeccLeather on Etsy.com


Photo courtesy of GabyCustoms on Etsy.com

If you didn’t know, scrunchies are totally back in style, especially big ones! And these velvety crocheted scrunchies from Gaby Customs are sure to be a hit. In fact, if I don’t get a pack of these for Christmas, I am probably just going to buy my own. They come in a wide range of colors, look amazingly soft and comfortable, and have stellar reviews.

Buy some here.



Bath bombs are gift that anyone can appreciate and enjoy, but the Harry Potter obsessed friend in your life will take a special liking to these jumbo bombs by Bath and Cauldron Works. These sorting hat bombs will turn either red, blue, yellow, or green once dropped in water, letting your friend know which Hogwarts house they REALLY belong to. They also include a House charm inside as an extra surprise. What an extra magical gift to find in your stocking!

Buy one here.


Photo courtesy of BathandCauldronWorks on Etsy.com


Photo courtesy of MagdecorShop on Etsy.com

Initially, it might seem weird to give refrigerator magnets as a stocking stuffer. But this Super Mario set from Magdecor Shop are SO FREAKING COOL. I know for sure my Mario obsessed nephew would love to find these in his stocking and any classic gaming fan would feel the same way.

Buy them here.


There are 11 of my top unique stocking stuffer ideas for you. They're sure to amaze and excite ANYONE who receives a stocking from you this year. Will you be using any of these ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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