With appropriate social distancing requirements and new regulations, CU students are safely back at school and classes are in full swing

During a normal school year, there are ample gatherings, tailgates, and parades in which CU students can display their school spirit. But despite the very different feel of this fall, there remain a variety of ways to show CU pride. Here are some of our favorites. 

Black & Gold Day

Coordinate with your friends, classmates, or school club to all wear black and gold on the day before a CU football game. Dress elaborately with beads, hats, crazy socks, or even black and gold costumes. Together with your group, you can keep the spirit of game day alive, even though we can’t fill the stands just yet. 

Trail Clean-Up 

One of CU Boulder’s best features is its location. Getting outdoors to celebrate our city is a great way to show school spirit. Our city gets a lot of foot traffic, especially in the summer months, and can often leave trails dirty or littered with trash. Grab a couple of buddies, mask up, and hit the trails to pick up trash. Wear your CU Buffs shirt, hat, and socks to show other Boulderites what the college is all about. 

Create a ScoBuffs Mural or Sign

Paint or draw a CU themed sign or gather a few friends to draw a mural on a large canvas to hang from your dorm window or apartment balcony. Now more than ever, Boulder and its students need messages of hope and happiness. With a lack of in-person events, it proves increasingly difficult to keep morale high, but a colorful, bright sign seen by people passing by could be just the ticket to brighten someone’s day. 

Host a PPE 

DriveFirst responders (and currently wildland firefighters) are in dire need of personal protective equipment, including masks, hand sanitizer, goggles, and other medical supplies. Post a sign in your dorm calling for PPE donations and set a time and a place for supply drop off. Donate collected items to a relief fund or Boulder’s local fire station to help offset some of the struggles that first responders, medical professionals, and firefighters are feeling during these trying times. 

Virtual Events

Participate in one of the numerous virtual events hosted by CU Boulder. From “Feel Good Fridays” to an “Environmental Engineering Seminar”, there are plenty of resources online to stay involved with CU’s academic and social supplemental programs. Head out to the quad with your laptop and invite a few friends to set up on picnic blankets nearby. Then, share a socially distanced discussion after the online presentation. 

It can feel discouraging to miss out on typical college events like football games and pep rallies. However, the more we stay safe and socially distanced, the better we can protect our fellow classmates and community. These events and activities offer a fantastic way to remain engaged with the University of Colorado but also encourage others to show spirit and remain hopeful. 

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