Comfort Foods

Comfort food plays a part in most people’s lives, a food you choose to celebrate, commiserate or just because it’s tradition. We have a love for Italian, Mexican and Southern American cuisine, with a bit of Asian mixed in.

Invariably we have a meat free Monday and our go to is a take on Arrabbiata, beautiful tomato and balsamic with chilli, herbs and a generous sprinkle of parmesan.

Our Friday night is all about Fajita Friday, our go-to meal to celebrate the end of the week and the start of some ‘us time’ at the weekend. This is usually accompanied with a glass or two of chilled white wine. The mix of spice, salsa, chicken, peppers and sour cream is a delight. We also add some of our own homemade BBQ sauce and chipotle adobo, and lime if we have it in.

Leftover chicken when we were children was served with mash and beans or veg, now we can utilise ingredients from all over the world. One of our examples is using the leftover meat from Beer Can Chicken, mixed with some chipotle in adobo, BBQ sauce, salsa and cheese makes an easy and tasty dish – this is a good quick mid week meal.

Lasagne also plays a big part in the our comfort food favourites. There is something about the baked pasta dish with a rich beef ragu and cheesy white sauce that warms the heart. It is also a great dish for making ahead in bulk, and then freezing in portions until required. My tip is, once the lasagne is cooked, pop it in the fridge overnight – this makes it easier to cut the next day.

Hotdogs make a super easy lunch. When using frankfurters, served in brioche buns and with homemade, homegrown sticky bbq onions, things feel just right.

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